marc schroeder
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I’m currently a freelance Technologist and Project Manager. As a comfortable generalist, my work ranges from shepherding projects from conception to completion, to developing bespoke tools with modern programming libraries like React.js and Pandas for Python that reduce manual tasks from hours to seconds. Larger projects include redesigning entire databases, transforming the database software from a place to simply store data into a useful project management tool.

Previously, I part of the team that launched Apple Music, where I lead worldwide metadata cleanup projects, prepared live production data for launch in new territories, and oversaw a wide range of marketing campaigns around the world.

new media art

I'm currently an incubator artist at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts in San Francisco. My work explores interactive, immersive environments blending physical computing, projection mapping, and sound design.

In December 2018, my piece Elevator Pitch was featured in the Gray Area Showcase. Elevator Pitch is a projection mapped 'elevator' with a physical control lever written primarily in Processing that sends participants into endless, introspective space at a speed of their choosing.

selected projects

elevator pitch

Elevator Pitch is an immersive and interactive A/V installation that gives participants a feeling of endless ascension. As the elevator moves through an endless cycle of three ‘floors’ made of hypnotic geometry, participants are encouraged to use the custom lever to modify and control the audio they hear and the visuals they see by increasing and decreasing the speed of the elevator. Each floor has its own living, generative soundscape that flutters and opens as the participant sees fit.

Made with Processing, Arduino, Max 4 Live, and Ableton Live

elevator pitch video demo

genre explorer & labelm8: interactive music data exploration web apps

The Genre Explorer allows a user to explore the popularity of electronic music subgenres over time. By adding and removing genre tags, one can compare genres as they go in and out of style. The Genre Explorer is written in React.js and d3.js.

genre explorer web app

dial up image service

Dial Up Image Service is custom generative visual system written in Processing and Python made for an all-vinyl DJ night with friends in Los Angeles. D.U.I.S. is made to be projected on a wall in a venue and creates a continuous digital rain of images with self-modulating visual parameters. The Twilio API makes it interactive. When running, a user can text an image to a specific phone number, (747) 2-DIAL-UP, and their texted image will become part of the digital rain.

kjhk 90.7 fm app for iphone

Written in 2014 for the college radio station in Lawrence, Kansas that will always hold a special place in my heart. The Objective-c app for iPhone read reviews from the website, served and organized our in-studio video content, showed the schedule, played live audio and provided an easy way for listeners to call in. The app has since been replaced by a newer version.